Amber Quill Press Historical Fiction
Features writers of historical sagas

More than 5,000 historical novels listed by time and place

Historical Novel Society
Scores of historical novel reviews

National World War I Museum
Thousands of exhibits that minutely depict the life and times of "The Great War"

Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction
Annual award that goes back to 1984

The Battle of Verdun 1916
Examine the Battle of Verdun day-by-day

The Aerodrome
Learn more about the aircraft flown in World War I

L'Escadrille Lafayette
A short history of Lafayette Escadrille and the Lafayette Flying Corps

History of the American Field Service in France
The American Field Service -- read the drivers' diaries

World War I -- Trenches on the Web
A very resourceful website about World War I

Chateau des Monthairons
The chateau-turned-hospital near Verdun that is now a hotel

Oban, Scotland: Classic Scottish Port Town
A video tour of Oban, Scotland, home to one of the characters in The Lieutenant's Whistle

Automotive Touchup
Links to historical sites about Henry Ford and other pioneers of the automobile industry

Songs From Home
The home of songwriter Matthew Stemme

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