The Lieutenant's Whistle

Before the involvement of the United States, American young men volunteered to become ambulance drivers in the Great War.  The Lieutenant's Whistle is a fact-based novel depicting the saving of Verdun.  It shows the dedication and harrowing experiences of the Model T ambulance driver and the unflinching valor of the French soldier.  

Henry Braddock meets Kyla Laurens in a smoky and crowded canteen.  He is an ambulance driver from Indiana and she is a nurse from Scotland, a Huguenot in pursuit of her family's roots.  Duty, romance, bravery, tragedy and fate all intermingle in the hell of war.

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Historical Timeline (1916-1918)

February 29, 1916: North Carolina amends Child Labor Law
April 20, 1916: Chicago Cubs play first game at Wrigley Field
July 1, 1916: Battle of Somme begins; 57,000 British casualties on first day

August 21, 1916: President Wilson signs legislation to create National Park Service
November 7, 1916: Jeannette Rankin becomes first U.S. congresswoman
December 16, 1916: Grigori Rasputin murdered by Russian aristocrats

January 31, 1917: Germans unleash U-boats; U.S. severs diplomatic relations
March 15, 1917: Tsar Nicholas II of Russia abdicates
April 2, 1917: America enters World War I
June 14, 1917: 2 millionth Ford Model T rolls off assembly line

March 19, 1918: U.S. Congress establishes time zones
April 21, 1918: Red Baron killed in action
June 6, 1918: Battle of Belleau Wood begins
July 17, 1918: Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and family are executed
November 11, 1918: World War I ends

Praise for the Book

"The author brilliantly captures the brutality of war, the many friendships forged in incendiary times, and life as it is lived amidst fear, pain, loss and, yes, laughter. Stemme brings the plot to a suspenseful and unexpected ending." -- Camille V. Cira  |  Read the Full Review

"Very interesting and compelling story...descriptions are extremely vivid and give the reader a real feel.  This is one of my favorite time periods and Stemme does it full justice.  Three and a half stars." -- Bev Hankins, My Reader's Block  |  Read the Full Review

"A richly detailed, relatable love story.  Vignettes of ordinary men and women in a hellish war make this a truly compelling read.  A wonderful historical fiction piece... Stemme drew me in with his beautiful descriptions." -- Aloi, Guiltless Reading  |  Read the Full Review

Cindy Vallar analyzes the work behind polished final manuscripts. In the November 2012 issue of Historical Novels Review, an online magazine, she profiles Fred Stemme’s The Lieutenant’s Whistle.  |  Read Ms. Vallar's Full Column

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