Beguiling Dreams

The year is 1915 and a car going by is unique. The setting is a town in northeastern Indiana with brick streets and a town square featuring a two story limestone courthouse. The inhabitants, like anywhere else, have aspirations that shape their lives.

Young Hank Braddock, among other things, dreams of becoming a full-fledged reporter. His girlfriend Becky dreams of climbing the town's social ladder. She sees Hank, as does the rest of the town, as an up-and-comer. Mr. Smith, Hank's boss at the town's newspaper, dreams of taking a long vacation out West. And Mr. Conner, owner of the cannery outside of town, dreams of creating and maintaining a large power base.  A flood, a train derailment and eventually a strike effect the course of everyone's dreams, sending them along new pathways. No one will ever be the same again...

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Historical Timeline (1915)

January 12, 1915: Woman suffragists lose fight in U.S. House
January 25, 1915: Alexander Graham Bell places first transcontinental phone call
May 6, 1915: Babe Ruth hits first career home run
May 7, 1915: German submarine sinks Lusitania
November 24, 1915: William Simmons revives Ku Klux Klan in Georgia
Also in 1915: First stop sign appears in Detroit; Indiana passes Workers' Compensation Act

Praise for the Book

"History comes alive! interesting, well-written story by a very talented author." -- Anne K. Edwards, eBook Reviews Weekly  |  Read the Full Review

"Through many page-turning events the story crescendos, then glides to a not-so-predictable end...I look forward to delving into other books written by this talented author." -- Cynthia Ward,  |  Read the Full Review

"This is a great story that explores the pain that is felt when we see our nice, neat, romantic view of the world change before our eyes...I found myself laughing at one moment, and clenching my fists in anger the next." -- Kathy, Fallen Angel Reviews

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